This French Tech School Has No Teachers, No Books, No Tuition – And It Could Change Everything

Codango: Yes, we are aware that this article was published in 2014… Yes, we are also aware that it is 2017. But as the saying goes, the past is prologue… and this gent is doing the same thing, now – in the Silicon Valley.

See how things are going now.

Something is brewing. Facebook and Google are investing large amounts of dollars and other resources in the African continent. This gent is investing in France and the U.S. Do they know something that we don’t?

Dylan Tweney: It has no teachers. No books. No MOOCs. No dorms, gyms, labs, or student centers. No tuition.

And yet it plans to turn out highly qualified, motivated software engineers, each of whom has gone through an intensive two- to three-year program designed to teach them everything they need to know to become outstanding programmers.

The school, housed in a former government building used to educate teachers (ironically enough), was started…

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